What’s The Best Digital Piano? Electric Digital Piano Reviews

What's The Best Digital Piano. Electric Digital Piano Reviews

Choosing the right digital piano for yourself might be a difficult task simply due to the huge number of different high quality digital pianos you can choose from. The ultimate choice should also depend on whether you are looking for a practice piano, piano for recording, or you are looking for a reasonably portable yet high quality keyboard for your live gigs. Those are a few criteria that must be analyzed firstly.

The other main thing to take into account is whether the individual features of the electric piano fit your needs. Some of the most essential things to consider are of course the number of keys, key make, number of sounds/tones, a given piano model’s maximum polyphony, as well as a variety of other smaller features. The most important of which might be those related to recording, whereas for some they might be features essential for a live gig.

Thus here comes a list of the 5 best electric pianos that should offer good quality in most of these essential criterias.

1. Korg SP170s 88-Key Digital Piano

Korg SP170s 88-Key Digital Piano

Although this is a relatively cheap digital piano, then no list of digital piano reviews can really be without a Korg in it. Plus this piano can really do quite a lot for its relatively small cost. The Korg SP170 comes with a touch sensitive 88-key Weighted Hammer Action Keyboard that has 3 velocity settings. It also offers a maximum of 120 note polyphony, while also including effects such as Chorus and Reverb.

The digital piano also features 2 skillfully sampled great concert grand piano sounds in a total of 10 provided sounds, which also include electric pianos, organs, strings, harpsichord and others. The Korg SP170 also comes with an integrated sound system together with a stereo amplifier, as well as bass-reflex speakers, that provide dynamic sound in order to let you perform without connecting additional equipment should need be.

The piano also comes with a sustain pedal, as well as two headphone jacks, and the only real drawback is the lack of a metronome.

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2. Kawai ES7 Digital Piano

Kawai ES7 Digital Piano

The Kawai ES7 digital piano features an 88 key Responsive Hammer II graded-hammer action keyboard, that utilises Progressive Harmonic Imaging Sound Technology. This means the keyboard essentially simulates a fully wighted acoustic piano and produces some truly astounding sound of a concert grand piano.

The Kawai ES7 also offers a total of 32 instrument voices, as well as a great total of 256 note polyphony. This digital piano is also laden with a sufficient number of effects, with 6 levels of reverb, as well as chorus, delay, auto-pan, and tremolo effects. The Kawai ES7 is also great for recording action as it features a 10 song 2-track recorder.

All in all this digital piano is great for both live gigs, as well as for recording action. Although it isn’t the cheapest of pianos by far, then it also offers quite a bit of value for money.

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3. Casio PX850 BK

Casio PX850 BK

This great Casio keyboard features a weighted 88-Key scaled hammer action keyboard with 3 sensitivity levels, and offers some truly great grand piano sounds. The keyboard also offers a total of 18 built-in tones along with split and layer, while also offering a maximum of 256 note polyphony. The amount of digital effects is also quite sufficient, as the Casio PX850 BK features 4 types of reverb and 4 types of chorus.

The number of preset songs is also pretty good, with a total of 60 available. The Casio PX850 BK is pretty good for recording as well, since it has a pretty good 2 track recorder. The piano also has a metronome and 3 built-in pedals together with a great dual 20 Watt speaker system.

All of this makes it a great piano for live shows, as well as for recording action. The price is also less extravagant than that of the Kawai ES7, but then again the latter is more easily transportable.

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4. Yamaha P255B 88-Key Digital Piano

Yamaha P255B 88-Key Digital Piano

There are many great Yamaha keyboards out there, but the one that has reached this list is the Yamaha P255B. This particular digital piano features a weighted 88-key Graded Hammer Action keyboard for some truly great sound. The keyboard also features 4 levels of touch sensitivity, and a maximum of 256 note polyphony, whereas the number of voices stands at a completely satisfactory total of 24.

The effects department features 4 types of Reverb, as well as Chorus, Phaser, Tremolo and 3 types of sound boost. There is also a 3-band equalizer, while the number of rhythm presets stands at 10. The number of preset songs althogether is a reasonable 74, while the Yamaha P255B also has a 2-track recorder, and a pair of 15 Watt amplifiers.

The keyboard has a huge number of different additional features all in all, and thus is a definite value for money deal, as the cost of this keyboard is very moderate.

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5. Roland FP-80 Digital Piano

Roland FP-80 Digital Piano

The last keyboard in this best digital piano list is the Roland FP-80 that features an 88-key touch sensitive Ivory Feel-S Keyboard with Escapement. The keyboard features a total of 128 Voices, as well as a huge number of different tones. There are 15 Grand Piano, 25 Electric Piano, 18 String tones, 19 Organ tones along with 256 other tones. The Rythm department is also more than sufficient and includes 90 rhythm types.

The Roland FP-80 also features Chord Pattern function that provides self-playing chord sequences for practice and improvisation. What is also great about this particular piano is that it has an integrated 4-speaker sound system together with Acoustic Projection technology. In addition to that, the Roland FP-80 digital piano offers good recording capablities and is a great live concert instrument.

The Roland FP-80 was also the last keyboard on this list, and thus sums up these essential electric piano reviews.

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