Update: The NEA and Federal Funding for the Arts

The federal government has always been a supporter of art, and things have only gotten better in the past few years for art advocates. In fact, in December 2015 alone, the Congress increased the appropriation of the NEA with $2 million, reaching a total of $148 million in total. The per capita has increased by less than one cent. While it’s not a lot, it’s progress, and things can only get better in the end.

Another thing to note is that 55% of all Americans are supporting the move to double the NEA budget and funds. This is a very important move for the art community which has constantly struggled to find some new, better ways to acquire the much-needed funds for various activities.

Moreover, it’s crucial to note that the local and state governments have a very high approval rating, mostly thanks to the boost offered by the federal government. The nice thing in here is that more and more grants are awarded to artists and arts, not to mention that the community oriented arts funding has a very good value.

Then there’s also the fact that federal candidates can feel safe voting to support the artists and arts they want. Arts funding created for some specific purposes tend to have a very high public value, and that does bring in front some incredible opportunities as a whole.

The federal government has a direct funding for the art sector via the National Endowment for the Arts. But at the same time, they also focus on investing in various regional and state arts agencies. Another clear focus is on investing in local arts agencies. There are around 5000 local arts agencies, and their number will certainly increase exponentially in the very near future.

But the federal government also delivers a variety of public funding for culture and arts. They focus on direct funding sources, as well as sponsorships for the federal museums and many of the performing art centers.

The federal government has a huge focus on supporting a multitude of arts programs, especially those designed to help the local communities as well as the US Army and Navy.

Will this type of support change? Although the support for art has gotten very strong in the past decade, the election of Donald Trump did bring a new perspective to things. A lot of people in the art community are scared that they won’t be able to receive more funds, however that may not be a problem. Not a lot has changed, and things will only end up getting better for the longer term. One thing is certain, the federal government is constantly investing in arts, and this won’t stop anytime soon.

So, you should not worry about the government’s contribution to the art funding. Sure, there will be debates and some struggle, but in the end, the art community will always thrive, and it will certainly reach new heights!

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