Taylor GS Mini Review

Taylor GS Mini Review

The California based Taylor Guitars is a renowned American guitar manufacturer. They specialize in acoustic guitars and semi-hollow electric guitars, and have built a fairly good reputation through the years. The company itself was founded back in 1974 by Bob Taylor and Kurt Listug.

The GS Mini in particular is a scaled down guitar that gives players the well-known signature tone, sound and feel of a Taylor Grand Symphany at a reasonable cost. Here is an in-depth review of the pros and cons of the GS Mini.


The 6-string Taylor GS Mini is based on the highly regarded GS body shape and is inspired by the Taylor Grand Symphany. The small size of the GS Mini makes it also a very portable acoustic guitar, and as will be shown further on, it does not really sacrifice that much in its tone and sound as well.

First of all the Taylor GS Mini has sapele laminate back and sides, a solid sitka spruce top, a pretty nice satin finish and a Lexan headstock overley.

The guitar also has a sapele neck and a 20 fret Ebony fretboard, with a scale length of 23-1/2″, while the guitars overall length of 36 5/8″ and body size makes it a great highly portable travel guitar. The GS Mini also features a Nubone Nut/saddle and 5mm pearloid dot inlays, together with chrome tuners.

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While this scaled down acoustic guitar is essentially made so that it would be highly portable, rather than perhaps having great sound, then the sound quality of this guitar is still quite remarkable. This is partly due to a full-sized 4″-diameter soundhole and a braceless arched back, together with a stable NT neck. All of which makes for some great playability and well-known Taylor intonation, together with a signature tone, sound and feel of a Taylor Grand Symphany.

The sound you can get from this small travel guitar is quite full and warm, and basically all you would expect from a guitar that is so highly rated in its own particular category. It has good sustain and resonance, and can equally make for thicker acoustic sound, as well as some higher end tone. Another plus is that it stays in tune pretty well too. Something that is good while traveling around.


As is the case with Taylor acoustic guitars in general, the build quality of the GS Mini is extremely solid and it is fairly resistant to scratches and dents as well. It should be, since it is made for being carried around, and to be used as a portable travel guitar. All in all this is a highly durable instrument.


Overall the GS Mini is a great small scaled down travel guitar that stays in tune reasonably well, and does not lose much in its sound due to the fact that it is a scaled down model. The guitar is highly portable and comfortable for carrying around, and its price is reasonable as well.

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