Fender Blues Jr Review

Fender has been known for many many decades as a manufacturer of amplifiers that are both durable, affordable and which have a great sound. All of this makes them a good choice for both beginner and intermediate guitarists.

The Fender Blues Jr has pretty much all you would expect from a Fender Hot Rod series amplifier. Here is an in-depth review of the pros and cons of the Fender Blues Jr Amp.


The relatively small 15 watt Fender Blues Jr features a Fender Special Design 12″ ”lightning bolt” speaker by Eminence. The amp has 3 x 12AX7 preamp tubes, as well as 2 x EL84 power tubes, and has an output of 8 Ohms. The Fender Blues Jr features a 3-band EQ and One Channel, while the controls include Master, Middle, Reverb, Bass, Treble, Fat Switch and Volume. It also has a spring reverb in the effects department.

As for other features, then there is also a one button footswitch available for the Fat boost and it is also important to mention that at 36.1 pounds the amp doesn’t weigh that much as well.

Fender Blues Jr


The 12” ”lightning bolt” speaker along with 3 x 12AX7 preamp tubes, as well as 2 x EL84 power tubes make for some really great warm tone and all round great Fender tube amp sound. For an amp of this stature the Fender Blues Jr handles the clean, overdriven, and distorted tones equally well, and they all have a distinctly great tube amp feel to them. The spring reverb and FAT boost are also some great sounding features on this small amp.

All in all the Fender Blues Jr has some really fine tone-shaping options for a small amp, and it is quite versatile in being suitable for both blues rock or bluesy psych rock, as well as for some other styles.


As is usually the case with the Fender Hot Rod series, the build quality of the small 15 watt Fender Blues Jr is extremely solid and it could really take a beating if needed. If you are looking for a longlived durable small practice amp that can be used for smaller venues as well, then the Fender Blues Jr amp is the way to go. The amp also doesn’t weigh that much, which is a plus in itself as well.


The amp has relatively easy controls and a produces some really fine Fender tube amp tones, while it is also able to punch above its 15 watt weight. On the plus side it also features external speaker capability. This makes it a good amp for both the rehearsal room, as well as for small live venues.

It doesn’t weigh that much either and can be carried around with relative ease. Altogether it is a definite value for money amp in its own distinct range of amps.