Epiphone Casino Review

Epiphone Casino

Epiphone has built a reputation through time as a manufacturer of high quality great sounding electric guitars. One of their most notable guitars has been – and still is – the Epiphone Casino. A guitar that was born back in the 1960s and made its name through being used by the Beatles.

It still retains its place as one of the most memorable and well-known Epiphone electric guitars. Here is an in-depth review of the pros and cons of the Epiphone Casino Hollow Body Electric Guitar.


The classic Epiphone Casino features a good looking laminated maple top, as well as laminated maple back and sides with f-holes. It also has a great mahagony set slim tapered neck on a 24 ¾” scale , as well as a good rosewood fretboard with 22 medium jumbo frets. The Epiphone Casino also features a Tune-O-Matic bridge and a trapeze tailpiece.

The guitar also comes with neck and body binding, chrome hardware, and two tone and volume controls, as well as parallelogram inlays. The two vintage P-90 single-coil pickups, which the guitar is equipped with, are really great as well. Delivering the Epiphone Casino’s trademark 60s sound, while the all-round classic looks are a definite plus of this electric guitar as well.

At 6.6 lbs the Epiphone Casino also doesn’t weigh much, and is a pretty lightweight instrument, and thus easy to play, and to carry around. It also typically comes in 4 different color finishes.

Epiphone Casino Electric Guitar


The Epiphone Casino comes with great tonal variety accompanied by a warm and full sound thanks to its maple body and a pair of vintage P-90 pickups. It is renowned for its clear and what could be described as ringing tone that can be pushed into overdrive when need be. The vintage P-90 pickups together with 2 tone and 2 volume controls make for some tonal variety as well.

As is the case with hollow body guitars, the Epiphone Casino is however prone to some buzzing and feedback, while it also makes them somewhat louder when played through the amp.


As is the case with Epiphone instruments in general, the build quality of the Epiphone Casino is extremely solid to the point it could be called robust and it could really take a beating if needed. This makes the Epiphone Casino a good choice for a regular gigging instrument or for studio recordings. The guitar’s finish is also of a very high quality and one can know it is resistant to scratches and dents.


The Epiphone Casino is one of the best hollow body electric guitars on the market, and has been so from the 60s to this day. The sound of this guitar is great and it doesn’t have many drawbacks. The guitar is relatively light and yet it is quite durable despite being a hollow body guitar. A truly great classic hollow body.

Both the great durability of the guitar along with its great sound for price ratio makes it a good choice for any guitarist out to get the most in a value for money deal.

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