Bugera V22 Review

Bugera V22 Review

Having only been established not so long ago, Bugera is a relatively new company in the amp manufacturing business. Nevertheless they have managed to produce a string of highly valued and popular vintage style, yet relatively affordable 15 to 120 watt amplifiers through the years and Bugera V22 is no exception.

The following is an in-depth review of the pros and cons of the Bugera V22.

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First off the hand-built Bugera V22 has a really awesome vintage look and feel to it, while packing a 12” Bugera 22 watt speaker for that equally authentic vintage sound. The amp comes with a 2 channel (Lead and Clean) preamp design and integrated good quality reverb with reverb control.

The vintage 3 band equalizer section also features dedicated Mid, Treble, Presence and Bass controls, while in terms of mode switch you can select Pentode or Triode operation.

The Bugera V22 also comes with a multi-gain lead channel together with pre, post-gain and master controls, while normal and bright inputs make for sound character to match your guitar.

The impedence switch (offering 4, 8 or 16 ohms) also makes it possible to basically match almost any speaker cabinet. As for the weight of the amp, then it traverses the not so heavy and not so light terrain with its 51.2 pounds.


What is characteristic of the Bugera V22 is that both the clean channel and the overdrive are really great, whereas perhaps the digital reverb doesn’t quite match up to them. Then again the amp packs quite a punch in the gain department, so there is another plus. All in all the three 12AX7 tubes bascially ooze out warmth and give you enough fuzz when you need it, while the amp also has satisfying tone-shaping possibilites.

This makes the amp suitable for blues rock, psych rock, indie rock or classic rock, and you can really get quite much out of this amp if you hook up a few pedals. The Bugera V22’s 22 watts of vintage greatness are enough for a rehearsal room or for recording action, but I would say its not quite enough for any gigs. If so then some smaller ones.


The vintage style Bugera amps are known for their highly durable build quality, and the Bugera V22 is no exception to this rule, as it is extremely solid and it could take quite a beating.

If you are looking for a longlived durable small recording or practice amp that can punch above its weight, then Bugera V22 is essentially the way to go. Although it is obviously not the lightest of amps, it still doesn’t really weigh that much either, and its way more solid than you would assume from its great vintage looks.


According to this Bugera V22 infinium review, the amp is a thoroughly satisfying vintage style amp with great sound, and getting one is a most definite value for money deal. Although obviously you can’t expect it to be much of a live gig amp with its 22 watts.

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