5 Best Travel Guitars In 2017

When people usually think of travel guitars, they are more or less thinking of scaled down versions of guitars that are highly portable and compact. This however is not entirely true, as there are plenty of non-full scale, as well as compact full scale models out there.

The aim of a good travel guitar is of course to offer a portable and compact guitar that sounds more or less as good as any full-scale guitar.

This list here aims to bring you a short selection of some of the best possible non-full scale, as well as full scale travel guitars that have good playability, and are suitable both for live performances, as well as for just having a good sounding guitar to play on your travels.

Traveler Guitar AG-200EQ Acoustic/Electric

Traveler Guitar AG-200EQ Acoustic

The Traveler Guitar AG-200EQ is one of the most compact and portable full-scale travel guitars currently out there. The main characteristic of this particular guitar is that the traveler guitar’s streamline tuning system eliminates the need for a headstock. This makes it into a highly portable guitar that can be used for live performances as well.

The guitar also has a built-in headphone amp w/onboard tuner and an 1/8″ Aux-in jack. All of this makes it perhaps the best travel guitar on this list. The only real drawback of this particular full-scale travel guitar is that it is rather expensive.

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Yamaha FG JR1

Yamaha FG JR1

This great Yamaha non-full scale travel guitar comes with meranti back and sides, a nice nato neck, and a genuine spruce top. It also features a rosewood fingerboard and bridge, together with some fine chrome hardware.

The guitar comes in a 3/4 size, but still manages to sound pretty good and have bright tonality to it. It is also a pretty cheap guitar, so it would be a definite value for money deal. Although of course it should not be considered a performing musicians travel guitar of choice.

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Martin LXK2 Little Martin

Martin LXK2 Little Martin

Here is another great non-full scale travel guitar. The Martin LXK2 Little Martin comes with Koa Wood Pattern HPL Textured Finish back and sides, a natural stratabond neck and a nice rosewood bridge and fingerboard, together with chrome hardware.

The guitar is a perfect choice for anyone on the road, and packs some fine sound and tonality for a guitar of its size. Although not the cheapest travel guitar, it also doesn’t cost that much, so it would be a great value for money deal.

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Taylor GS Mini

Taylor GS Mini

The Taylor GS Mini is based on the highly regarded GS body shape and is inspired by the Taylor Grand Symphany. The small size of the GS Mini makes it also a very portable acoustic guitar, and it does not really sacrifice that much in its tone and sound as well. The GS Mini has sapele laminate back and sides, a solid sitka spruce top, a pretty nice satin finish and a Lexan headstock overley.

The guitar also has a sapele neck and a 20 fret Ebony fretboard, with a scale length of 23-1/2″, while the guitars overall length of 36 5/8″ and body size makes it highly portable. The sound you can get from this small travel guitar is quite full and warm, and basically all you would expect from a guitar that is so highly rated in its own particular category. It has good sustain and resonance, and can equally make for thicker acoustic sound, as well as some higher end tone.

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Washburn Rover Travel Guitar

Washburn Rover Travel Guitar

This great 24” full-scale travel guitar comes with a mahagony body and neck and a nice solid spruce top. It also has a rosewood fingerboard, as well as professional binding and inlay. The guitar also has some good quality tuners, which means it stays in tune pretty well too.

All in all it is a great travel guitar, and is relatively cheap as well. It has pretty good bright sound, together with fine sustain and resonance. This means it is one of the best value for money deals for a full-scale travel guitar.

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