7 Best Solid State Amps In 2017

Best Solid State Amps

Although solid state amps usually refer to relatively cheap and robust beginner or rehearsal amps,  solid state amps can be an equally good option for performing on stage. Especially in recent years, which have seen the production of quite a large number of good solid state amps. That said, you could always check out these best of the best bass amps and these great tube amps.

7 best solid state amps that aren’t mostly too hard to come by these days.

Orange Amplifiers Crush Pro CR120C

Best Solid State Amps - Orange-Amplifiers-Crush-Pro-CR120C-120W-2x12-Guitar-Combo-Amp-Black
The first place goes to Crush Pro CR120C from Orange. The 2×12” 16 Ohm Voice of the World speakers of this Two Channel amp pack a thoroughly respectable 120 watts, that is sufficient both at the rehearsal room and on stage.

The clean channel of this amp has a two stage two band EQ, providing a great transparent yet warm sound, while the three staged three band EQ dirty channel perfectly covers the distorted and overdriven affairs.

The amp also packs a digital reverb and an effects loop. An all-around great solid state amp that deserves its first place as the best solid state amp currently out there.

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Fender Mustang IV V.2

Best Solid State Amps - Fender-Mustang-IV-V.2

Second place on the list goes to one of the most popular and flexible solid state amps out there.

This 150 watt one channel amp with a lot of punch packs 17 Fender + 5 five new amp models (like ’57 Twin and ’60s Thrift), five new effects (including Green Screamer and Big Fuzz), intelligent pitch shifting, XLR stereo output, as well as Fender Fuse Software.

With also a hundred factory presets on its One Channel, it is clear for all to see that it offers quite a lot for its relatively small price. And that is why the Fender Mustang IV V.2 ended up on this list.

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Fender Champion 100


The second Fender on the list is the 2×12” 100 Watt Fender Champion 100. Like the Fender Mustang IV V.2, this amp also packs a lot of possibilities, and works superbly both as a rehearsal, as well as a really affordable stage amp.

The amp offers Two channels, which are Blackface clean and a selectable amp voice, while also having a built in FX loop and a great array of built-in effects along with a footswitch.

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Roland JC-120 Jazz Chorus Amp

Best Solid State Amps - Roland-JC-120-Jazz-Chorus-Amp

The Roland JC-120 does not need much of an introduction, as it has been the weapon of choice for many guitarists for nearly 30 years.

The amp features two sets of great 60 watt speakers, 2 input channels with 3-band equalizers for either and a good selection of great sounding effects. The reason why it is further down the list is down to its price.

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Sunn Beta Lead

Best Solid State Amps - Sunn Beta Lead

One can not simply have a list of best solid state amps and exclude the 100 watt Sunn Beta Lead.

The Sunn Beta Lead is an amp for people, who are on the look out for a highly reliable robust amp that packs some fine distortion.

If bands like Red Fang, Melvins or Sunn O))) tell you anything then this is your amp of choice both for a rehearsal setting, as well as for a live show by a mile.

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Line 6 Vetta II 300W

Best Solid State Amps - Line-6-Vetta-II-300W

The Line 6 Vetta II comes with a pair of custom 12 inch Celestions, which are driven by a 150 watt stereo power section, that should be more than enough for any live gig. The amp also features some elaborate pro connections, which makes it into a pretty good recording rig.

All in all the Line 6 Vetta II features 64 factory and 64 user presets, vintage and modern amp modeling, as well as stompbox models. All of it makes for a great amp.


Peavey Vypyr Pro 100

Best Solid State Amps - Peavey-Vypyr-Pro-100

What is great about this particular amp, is that by using analog distortion, this amp’s digital processor has the capability of producing almost unlimited combinations of extra stompboxes, amplifiers, rack effects and instrument models.

All this makes for over 500 presets along with over 100 different effect models.

The amp is also extremely versatile and great for a gigging amp, for which the 100 watts are by far sufficient.

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