5 Best Keyboard Amps

5 Best Keyboard Amps

Here is a short list of some of the best keyboard amps currently out there. As you already know, there is a great variety of different keyboard amps to choose from, and this list isn’t by far conclusive. Nevertheless the list should include five of the best keyboard amps both for the practice room, studio, as well as for the live setting.

1. Traynor K4 Keyboard Amp

Traynor K4 Keyboard Amp

The Traynor K4 keyboard amp is a powerful and highly versatile amp that has three built-in separate amplifiers. This means a 200 Watt low frequency amp drives a 200 Watt 12” woofer, as a pair of 50 watt amps, using a pair of 12AX7 tubes, drive the left and right channels. There are Four Channels altogether along with a 3 band EQ.

It is needless to say this high quality keyboard amp packs a truly amazing amount of different features, while offering great tone-shaping possibilities. You can switch between tube and solid state.

There are Bass, Gain, Mid, Treble controls with a boost/cut of 15db, along with a five position voicing selector that includes Studio, Live, Bypass, Organ and Piano. The features of this amp are highly sufficient and that also comes apparent in the high cost of this amp.

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2. Roland KC-550 180 Watt Keyboard Amplifier

Roland KC-550 180 Watt Keyboard Amplifier

Here is another powerful and versatile 180 Watt keyboard amp with a 15” speaker and horn tweeter. The Roland KC-550 offers 4 Channel operation, along with a 3 band EQ, while it also has a Shape switch for quick sound adjustment and a Select switch for selecting the monitor sound destination. Another great feature is that the amp also has an XLR Line output for direct connection to a mixing console.

All in all the Roland KC-550 is nearly two times cheaper than the Traynor K4 Keyboard Amp, but works equally well for the studio or live setting.

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3. Peavey KB4 Keyboard Amplifier

Peavey KB4 Keyboard Amplifier

The smaller Peavey KB4 comes with a 75 Watt 15 inch speaker and is thus suitable both for the rehearsal room and for smaller live venues. It has two separate channels and 2-band EQ with main effects send/return per channel. In addition to this it has a Mic/Line channel with 3-band EQ and monitor input with level control and assign.

The cost of the amp is relatively moderate, so it is a good amp for those searching for a practice/recording amp that can be used to play at smaller venues as well.

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4. Behringer Ultratone K3000FX

Behringer Ultratone K3000FX

The Behringer Ultratone K3000FX comes with a powerful 300 Watt amp with a 15” BUGERA woofer and a custom-made 1” driver. The amp has 4 Channels with separate volume and FX Send, while some of the best features include a digital FX processor together with 100 presets that include flanger, delay, reverb, chorus, pitch shifter and different multi-effects. There is also a pretty good FBQ Feedback Detection System.

All in all it is a powerful amp suitable for the live setting as well as for practice and recording purposes. The amp also doesn’t cost that much, so it would be a no-nonsense purchase.

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5. Alto Professional Kick 15 Keyboard and Instrument Amplifier

Alto Professional Kick 15 Keyboard and Instrument Amplifier

This amplifier comes with a 12” 200 Watt speaker and a 4-channel mixer with stereo line inputs on each channel together with an XLR input on the first channel. The plus side of this amp is that with its total of 256 effects presets it packs quite a large number of effects presets. Even if they are 16 effects with 16 variations each.

The cost of this amp is relatively small and it is powerful enough for most live venues, so it is a definite value for money option.

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