Top 10 Best Guitar Amps of 2016

Top 10 Best Guitar Amps of 2015

Here comes a short list of best guitar amps currently out there. Due to it being extremely difficult to limit the number of great guitar amps to only 10, means the list mostly contains the best possible combo amps with as much variations between them as possible in terms of sound and the genre they would be most best suited for.

So here they are.

1. Orange Amplifiers Crush Pro CR120C

Orange Amplifiers Crush Pro CR120C

Orange produces some really great bass and guitar amps, so here is one of their more powerful 120 Watt solid-state combos with a pair of 12″ Voice of the World speakers. The amp comes with two channels, with the dirty channel using a circuit, which is based on four stages of gain and a three band EQ, while the clean channel is built upon a two stage, two band EQ. The amp also packs a pretty good digital reverb.

The amp is suitable perfectly for live shows, and is more renowned for its Rockerverb range. Definitely a valuable amp for those of you into solid state.

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2. Roland Blues Cube Artist 12″ 80-Watt Combo

Roland Blues Cube Artist 12inch 80-Watt Combo

The 80 Watt 12” Roland Cube Artist packs some really fine vintage sounds and vibe, which is made possible through the Tube Logic design. The Crunch and Clean channels offer a huge range of sound-shaping options, while the amp is notable for catching the tweed-era tone, which many guitarists are highly fond of. The Roland Blues Artist is suitable for both live shows and for the rehearsal setting, so it is quite a versatile and highly durable amp, with a fairly reasonable price.

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3. EVH 5150III 2×12-Inch 120v 50-watt Tube Combo Amplifier

EVH 5150III 2x12-Inch 120v 50-watt Tube Combo Amplifier

This highly valued all-tube amp uses a pair of vintage-style Celestion G12M 12″ speakers, together with seven 12AX7s and two 6L6s, making it able to put out some 50 watts of juicy warm power. The amps three channels together with DSP reverb give more than enough tone-shaping possibilities to make this amp into a truly worthwhile medium sized combo. It is suitable both for smaller venues, as well as the rehearsal room.

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4. Fender Mustang IV V.2

Fender Mustang IV V.2

Here is one of the most popular and flexible amps out there. This 150 watt one channel amp with a lot of punch packs 17 Fender + 5 five new amp models (like ’57 Twin and ’60s Thrift), five new effects (including Green Screamer and Big Fuzz), intelligent pitch shifting, XLR stereo output, as well as Fender Fuse Software.

With also a hundred factory presets on its One Channel, it is clear for all to see that it offers quite a lot for its relatively small price.

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5. Mesa Boogie Mark V 90W 1×12 Tube Guitar Combo Amp

Mesa Boogie Mark V 90W 1x12 Tube Guitar Combo Amp

This 3-channel all-tube 10/45/90-watt 12″ amp offers you the classic Mesa Boogie sound, with the 5-Band Graphic EQ offering a great range of sound and tone shaping possibilities, making it an amp that suites a great variety of styles and genres. This is due to the 90 Watt Mesa Boogie Mark V letting you use anything from tweed-like tones to British crunch and the trademark Boogie overdrive. All of which makes it a great amp for the rehearsal room, as well as for live shows.

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6. Peavey 6505+ 112 60W 1×12″ Tube Combo Guitar Amp

Peavey 6505+ 112 60W 1x12inch Tube Combo Guitar Amp

This 60 Watt tube amp that is based on the Peavey’s highly regarded 6505+ amplifier, comes with five 12AX7 preamp tubes, along with two 6L6GC power amp tubes. The amp features a 3-band EQ and presence and resonance controls for dealing with the warm signature 6505+ tone. Other notable features include a footswitchable Crunch boost and a 3-spring Accutronix reverb. All in all this amp packs some really fine classic tube amp tone, and doesn’t cost too much either, making it a good small gig amp.

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7. Lazy J Model 80 Combo

Lazy J Model 80 Combo

Here is one interesting hand built two channel 40-80 Watt boutique combo guitar amp, with power fade control. The amp features a GZ34 rectifier and a pair of 6L6s power amp tubes, while using two 12AX7 preamp tubes. The amp offers some really great sounding reverb and overdrive, while it is the clean tone that it is most valued for. A great amp for live shows, as well as for the rehearsal room. Although the amp produces some really fine sound, then the downside of this boutique amp is that it costs quite a lot, so that might push people away from it. The cheaper option might be the Roland Blues Cube Artist.

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8. Peavey Vypyr Pro 100

Peavey Vypyr Pro 100

What is great about this particular amp, is that by using analog distortion, this amp’s digital processor has the capability of producing almost unlimited combinations of extra stompboxes, amplifiers, rack effects and instrument models. All this makes for over 500 presets along with over 100 different effect models. The amp is also extremly versatile and great for a gigging amp, for which the 100 watts are by far sufficient.

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9. Marshall 2555X Silver Jubilee

Marshall 2555X Silver Jubilee

As I can’t finish the list without any Marshalls on it then here is the reissue of the renowned 100 watt tube guitar head. The Two Channel 3-Band EQ Marshall 2555X Silver Jubilee features three 12AX7 preamp tubes and four EL34 power amp tubes. All in all this guitar head doesn’t need much of praising as it packs the highly valued signature tone and is the weapon of choice for many renowned guitarists. The price tag though is rather high, so that is the obvious downside.

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10. Marshall DSL Series DSL40C

Marshall DSL Series DSL40C

Here is a good small versatile 40 Watt combo amp from Marshall, whose all-valve 1×12″ Celestine Speaker packs a fair amount of punch for its relatively small stature. The amp features two footswitchable channels that include Ultra Gain and Classic Gain, together with two modes per channel for some added flexibility. The flexibility is demonstrated by the shared 5-way EQ, that features Middle, Bass, Treble, Presence and Resonance.

While it is not the best guitar amp in terms of power, then the the Marshall DSL Series DSL40C packs a lot of tone-shaping options and is a good practice amp that can work for smaller gigs as well. One of the best value for money instruments on this list.

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